All of the bike racks on this list mount into a trailer hitch.  The reason for this is that hitch-mounted bike racks are much more desirable for a number of reasons you can read about here.

If you want the most convenient, safest and efficient method of hauling your bikes, opt for a hitch-mounted bike rack. 

Here are the top models you should consider to meet your needs:

 Yakima bike racks

Thule bike racks

The two links above take you to a full selection of Yakima and Thule bike racks. Yakima and Thule are widely regarded as the most innovative and high quality bike racks available.  In particular, Yakima racks come available with features such as:

1.  Tool-free SpeedKnob™ 

One of the main gripes folks have about hitch-mounted bike racks is that certain brands have a tendency to rattle in the hitch receiver.  Who wants to hear that as they go down the road?  

The Tool-free SpeedKnob™ makes bicycle rack trailer hitch rattle a thing of the past by tightening the rack in place – all you have to do is tighten the knob by hand and down the road you go with no rattle.

2.  Anti-sway cradles

If you haul more than one bike as many people do, keeping the bikes from knocking into each other is necessary to prevent paint chipping, noise and other damage to your bikes that can occur. Anti-sway cradles keep your bikes in their own cradle, preventing them from coming in contact with each other. 

3.  Integrated security systems 

Other bike racks allow any passerby to remove the bikes and make off with them.  Integrated bike rack locks are a feature that gives you the peace of mind to leave your vehicle and bikes without fear of thieves.

4.  Swing away/down capability

If your bike rack does not swing away and down from the rear of your vehicle you’ll have to dismantle the entire assembly just to access the interior cargo space of your vehicle.  Yakima and Thule bike racks both have the ability to swing down or away from your vehicle with ease so you can get into your vehicle whenever you like.

Yakima’s UpperHand lever allows the rack to fold down and away from your vehicle to allow clearance of your rear doors.  It also enables the rack to fold flat for easy storage.

5.  Ability to carry up to five bikes

If you have a full family or group of friends that likes to go biking, Yakima has racks that carry up to five bikes to make it happen with ease.  With the features listed above, you can be sure that even with five bikes you’ll reach your destination safely without having to think twice about how your bikes are doing along the way. 

See all of Torklift Central’s hitch-mounted bike racks here.

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