The HitchCloak for Subaru WRX partially inserted

For those of you who love to go on adventures, especially in the sporty Subaru WRX, we at Torklift Central have created something that we think you’re going to love! With its amazing design and style as well as all-out performance, you want a WRX trailer hitch that is going to complement this amazing car, but many don’t like the fact that hitches hang below the bumper, ruining the look of the WRX.

Below is an explanation of this one-of-a-kind product we have created: a trailer hitch cover called the HitchCloak. Designed specifically to work with the Subaru WRX hitch, the HitchCloak for Subaru WRX makes it so your EcoHitch is completely hidden so it doesn’t ruin the look of your car when not in use.

Designed with you in mind

Made with a special, high-tech magnet for easy install and removal

We developed the HitchCloak in response to emails and phone calls from our EcoHitch customers asking for an easier way to access the hitch receiver. Working with the Subaru WRX receiver hitch, you have the ability to avoid the hassle of factory panels with this knockout panel replacement. The HitchCloak is designed to allow you easy access to your EcoHitch at any time instead of having to struggle reaching your hands behind the vehicle bumper to remove the Subaru knockout panel.

The HitchCloak for Subaru WRX

The HitchCloak hides the hitch
so you can't see the hitch while not in use

Here’s how it is designed: using special high-tech magnets with over 25 pounds of pulling force, the hitch cover stays securely in place when the EcoHitch is not in use but removes by hand via a convenient pull loop when you do want to use the hidden receiver hitch.

Compatible with both the 2” and 1.25” EcoHitch, this Subaru knockout panel is easy to install and no tools are necessary. Installation is as easy as removing your old knockout panel and replacing it with the new HitchCloak.
Some other great features of the HitchCloak: 

Made with high-impact powder coat so it won't rust
  • 100% aircraft grade aluminum construction
  • 100% stainless steel hardware
  • Special high-tech magnets with over 25 lbs. of pulling force. Heavily magnetizes through 1/2" material
  • High impact powder coat
  • Easy removal
  • Lifetime warranty is included

Below is the video for XV Crosstrek HitchCloak which works in the same way as the Subaru WRX HitchCloak:


To learn more about HitchCloak for Subaru WRX, contact us at 877-343-6933 or visit us online. Get Out and Go with Torklift Central!

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