Looks like it's going to be a chilly winter this year! 

Winter is a great time to get your RV ready for the upcoming cold months to prevent expensive damage to your batteries. While you are winterizing your trailer there are many different things you can use for extra battery storage during winter. A lot of these locking battery containers also still give you access to the batteries as well as the ability to use them if you need to during the winter. There are three in particular that are great for winter storage, the PowerArmor Solar, HiddenPower and ExtendedPower all from Torklift International.

Below are descriptions of the PowerArmor Solar and HiddenPower which are great to help you winterize your RV and a part of Torklift International factory rebates as well as another great Torklift International product called the ExtendedPower that can help you keep your batteries safe during this upcoming winter season.

The PowerArmor Solar comes in many different sizes

The PowerArmor Solar helps keep your batteries safe 
Available in many sizes that can fit both 12 volt and 6 volt battery applications, the PowerArmor Solar helps prevent common and expensive RV battery theft with a lock that is included. If there is any kind of leak or corrosion of your batteries the PowerArmor Solar also has an acid neutralizing battery mat to avoid corrosion of other batteries as well as the box itself. During the off-season, it’s one of the best ways to winterize your batteries and keep them charged all winter long.

The PowerArmor Solar is a great addition to your RV because it’s made with a 10-watt solar panel and also maintains charge which increases the longevity of batteries up to 400% to avoid premature battery replacement. You can also not only use this locking storage box for securing your batteries but also for holding your camping and towing gear. The PowerArmor Solar is also specifically designed to access your RV batteries, which helps you avoid interference with your RV by constantly having to hook and unhook it up.

The HiddenPower Disappears Like Magic

The HiddenPower can't be seen once installed

Another great RV battery box and perfect for use during the winter is the HiddenPower which tucks up underneath your vehicle so it’s hidden when not in use and doesn’t negatively effect your ground clearance. With this extra battery mount, you have the ability to avoid wasting fuel and leaving your truck engine running while using electrical accessories such as lights, stereos and computers. Instead, the HiddenPower allows you to have access to the constantly charging RV batteries and make it so they are there when you need them.

The HiddenPower battery storage works with group 24 and 32 batteries and is designed for all types of batteries including lead acid, AGM, sealed, gel cell and more. The HiddenPower locking storage box is designed to work with the HiddenPower Wire Harness which prevents the starting battery on your vehicle from being drained by keeping batteries constantly charged by using your truck’s system. The Wire Harness is sealed to help protect your vehicle’s electrical system as well as shielded against dirt and moisture.

The ExtendedPower Can Be Left On Year Round

Lock up your ExtendedPower to
keep batteries safe

Last but certainly not least is the ExtendedPower which is height adjustable and works with group 24 batteries. With the ability to become an extension of your RV batteries and recharges via your RV solar panels, generators, alternator, converters, etc., the ExtendedPower battery tray is great for the winter. Your accessories can be directly wired into the extra battery so they can be powered without turning your truck engine on and wasting precious fuel and power. As an added feature, you don’t have to worry about replacing stolen batteries because this RV battery tray comes with a lock and two keys to prevent theft. With a no-drill installation, the ExtendedPower is easy to install and can remain on your RV year round.

Learn how to save with factory rebates on select Torklift International battery storage products. Don’t make yourself have to deal with the hassle of stolen RV batteries this winter. Instead, Get out and Go this winter with healthy battery power.

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