Winter is coming! 

Although we’d all love to be able to use our campers year round, not all of us can be full time campers. Instead we have to know how to and be able to winterize a truck camper and how to store a truck camper. If you want to winterize your camper the correct way, then plan on spending the better part of a day completing the task and while it may not be an incredibly fun time, your camper and wallet will be better off in the long run.

Below is more information about how to winterize your truck camper during the winter months as well as some of the different ways of storing a truck camper including the different truck camper support stands that are out there.

Winterizing doesn't have to be complicated 

Winterizing Your Truck Camper
Just like winterizing an RV and trailer, which we discuss in the article here (link to Protect Your RV and Winterize), the most important thing you can do for winterizing is prevent your water system from freezing. There should be steps in your owner manual about specific winterizing guidelines but typically winterizing your water system involves removing the bypass, draining the holding tanks, draining the water heater and more. Here is a great instruction manual from KOA for winterizing your water system and preventing costly repair bills due to the damaging results of winter. Now you are ready for camper storage.

Storing A Truck Camper
Storing and stabilizing a truck camper can be tricky. You need to make sure that your offseason camper storage will keep it safe from the elements and that whatever you use to stabilize your camper will survive the winter and won’t harm the frame of your camper. There are many different storage solutions including: truck camper leveling blocks, truck camper stands and stabilizer jacks/leveling jacks. All are used for the same purpose: to make sure that your camper is level and won’t go rolling off or fall over. Out of all of them though, we suggest camper storage stands, particularly the Camper Packer.

Why Camper Packer Storage Stands Make the Difference

Easy ways to store your camper for winter

Considered one of the best sawhorse stands out there that we suggest is the Camper Packer by Torklift International. The only engineered structural support base for truck campers made from lumber, this sawhorse camper stand provides structural support during storage while also protecting the frame and jacks. Here’s a great article from the Torklift International blog explaining why Camper Packers are the better choice when it comes to camper stabilization.

One of the things that separates the Camper Packer from other camper sawhorse stands is that they are twice as long and twelve times the strength of regular storage stands. They maintain the structural integrity of your frame by redistributing the stress off of the four corners of the camper frame and onto the Camper Packer. As an added bonus, Camper Packers are a part of Torklift International’s factory rebates which you can find here.

  • The features of the Camper Packer include but are not limited to: 
  • The only engineered structural support base for truck campers made from lumber
  • Provides structural support during storage while protecting the frame and jacks
  • Safe short and long-term storage
  • This is not your typical hardware store saw horse system
    The Camper Packer from Torklift International 
  • Double the length of your typical saw horse
  • Rated up to 12 times the weight capacity than your typical saw horse at 6,000 lb. capacity per pair†
  • Special treated lumber
  • Prevents camper frame damage during storage by redistributing the stress off the four corners of the camper frame and onto the Camper Packer
  • Dramatically reduces jack stress extending the life of your jacks
  • Easy assembly
  • Measures 50” from side-to-side when completely assembled
  • Specific high capacity engineering for truck camper applications
  • 100% tool free operation
  • Designed for easy storage when not in use
  • 5 year warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA

† It is necessary to keep camper jack feet 1" off the ground

Protect the structural integrity of your truck camper while its in storage with the Torklift International Camper Packer. For further knowledge on winterizing a truck camper, you can contact us with the information below:

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