Hanis Irvine Prothero's Turkey Challenge setup

Oct. 5 to Nov. 20 was an exciting time for Torklift Central because it marked our annual holiday food drive, the Kent Turkey Challenge. Now that the challenge is officially over, we wanted to say thank you to all of the businesses and people within the Kent community who participated and made this Kent food drive so successful.

Below are the official results of this year’s Kent Turkey Challenge and who the leaders of the most food and monetary donations were.

The Official Numbers

Ski's Painting's proudly displays their
placard turkeys

Thanks to our giving and charitable community, the 5th Annual Kent Turkey Challenge was able to raise over $25,000 and over 8,100 food items for the Kent Food Bank. Through our effort to fight hunger this Thanksgiving, we were able to feed thousands of families this year.

“Knowing thousands of families depend on donations from the Kent Turkey Challenge makes it even more meaningful. Together we offer an opportunity for our community to help their neighbors."  

– Jack Kay, Owner of Torklift Central  

The Leaders

Pacific Power Group and their setup

A friendly competition between the businesses and organizations in Kent, WA, we like to recognize every individual contribution of each company on our Turkey Challenge page. But for this post we would like to especially thank the top five businesses in each category that donated. Through their hard work and fundraising efforts, these top businesses in each category were able to raise $19,206 and 4,857 cans of food for the holiday food drive out of the $25,173 and 8,140 food items that we collected overall! Torklift Central also contributed an additional $500 in donation on behalf of each of the top five organizations. Listed below are the top five companies that raised the most food donations and the top five businesses that raised the most monetary donations:

Top 5 Businesses That Collected the Most Food:

  •       Express Employment Pros – 1,644 cans
    Passing out the donated turkeys!

  •       Kent Valley Hockey Association – 972 cans
  •       Grass Lake Elementary School – 958 cans
  •       Pacific Power Group – 583 cans
  •       Kent United Methodist – 350 cans

Top 5 Businesses That Collected the Most Money:

  •        Ski’s Painting, Inc. - $8,500
  •       Eberle Vivian - $3,100
  •       Torklift Central - $2,725
  •        Pacific Power Group - $2,522
  •        Kent United Methodist - $2,359

In light of an unfortunate electrical fire at Seattle/Tacoma KOA who is passionate about raising donations for the Kent Turkey Challenge each year, Torklift Central also worked to replace collected food that was damaged and lost in the fire and also donated $500 and 50 items of food on behalf of the KOA. With the 5th Annual Kent Turkey Challenge ending on Nov. 20, it gave the Food Bank and families plenty of time to distribute the donations on Nov. 23-24. Due to the success of the Kent Turkey Challenge this year, the Kent Food Bank expanded their distribution of the food from one day to two days, ensuring that thousands of families were able to receive their Thanksgiving meals.

We really appreciate all of the businesses and members of the community that were able to make the 5th Annual Kent Turkey Challenge the best one yet. We urge you to support these businesses by stopping by their storefronts and thanking them for their donations. We look forward to working with everyone again next year to make the 6th Annual Kent Turkey Challenge even better than this year!

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