You definitely need to wire so you can have brake
 lights when towing

At Torklift Central we listen to the feedback of our customers and love creating new products and accessories that help make their lives easier and their cars looking great. We have had many of our customers purchase an EcoHitch and then haul a trailer with their cars. Whether it’s a U-Haul or a cargo trailer you’re going to have to do the wiring so the lights work on the trailer. But if you’ve hauled a trailer before, you have probably ran into the problem of low hanging wires and concealing the unsightly trailer plug on the back of your vehicle.

At Torklift Central we have come up with a great solution for you. Called The Eclipse, this trailer wire plug mounting bracket is designed specifically to prevent your trailer wires from getting damaged and ruining the look of your car while towing. Below is some more information about The Eclipse and why it is a great accessory to get for towing.

Don’t Settle for Damaged Wires

Never deal with low hanging wires again

Instead of having to deal with the hassle of your dog chewing on low hanging wires (yes we’ve heard of it happening) or having to replace them due to getting worn out by dragging on the road, you can save your trailer connector wiring by installing The Eclipse. It magnetically attaches to your hitch and brings your wires away from the ground giving you the clearance you have always deserved. As an added bonus, The Eclipse can also connect and disconnect in seconds. When you are using your trailer then trailer wire plug connector is quickly accessible from where you have kept it safe from dragging and completely hidden and won’t drag, but when you are not towing The Eclipse is completely hidden again and can connect and disconnect in seconds if you don’t want to leave it on your car while it’s not in use.

The features of The Eclipse include:

  • Concealed design illuminates common unsightly plug brackets
    The Eclipse is both easy to use and
    easy to install
  • Magnetically attached wire harness plug bracket
  • Special rare earth magnets with 23 lbs. force
  • Prevents wire harness from damage
  • Connects and disconnects in seconds
  • Works with any trailer hitch
  • Invisible when not in use
  • High impact powder coated aerospace aluminum
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty

Get Out and Go your own way with The Eclipse to keep your trailer wiring in perfect condition. You can check out The Eclipse, rapid conceal magnetic wire harness bracket, here.

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