Hauling_too_muchWe’ve all been there before… getting ready for a trip and having too much stuff and not enough room. Perhaps it’s necessary to bring bigger items that just will not fit in your vehicle. Torklift Central has multiple safe and secure options to fit your specific needs, from cargo carriers to hitch-mounted bike racks. There is no need to worry any longer about how you will decide between the coolers and your luggage. Now you can bring it all.




Multi-use Cargo Tray
With the use of a hitch-mounted cargo carrier you don't have to leave stuff behind at home. Fitting right into a two-inch receiver, these hitch-mounted cargo trays are painless and quick to install, which is important when it comes to spontaneous trips. With multiple spots to tie down your valuable gear, cargo trays are the perfect option for those items that usually take up previous real estate cargo-trayinside the vehicle, but are essential to bring with you.


Hitch-mounted cargo carrier:

  • Powder-coated steel construction
  • Tie down holes to secure your load
  • Dimensions: 60″ x 20″ x 2 3/4″



Locked and LoadedHave_a_safe_trip
Torklift International`s Lock and Load generator carrier is a great fit for those who need to bring generators and other power equipment with them on their trip. This generator tray keeps smelly gas, exhaust sometimes prone to leaky stain making generators outside where they belong while locking the expensive gear to prevent theft. You can even run the generator while it’s locked into place. Features available on the Torklift Lock and Load include:

  • Allows you to lock, store and run your generator and other motorized lock-and-load_2equipment simultaneously
  • Ability to mount to either a front or rear hitch receiver
  • Accommodates most common generators including Yamaha and Honda
  • A safety visual sight indicator to prevent the chance of damage while driving
  • License plate relocation holes to attach license plate
  • Tamper proof puck lock included to protect your equipment


Did you know Yamaha recommends the Torklift International Lock and Load cargo tray for securing their generators? It's True!


Hitch-mounted Bike Racks
If you are looking for bike racks, we’ve got you covered. Torklift Central has numerous hitch-mounted bike racks from Yakima, Thule and Kuat. Each brand has multiple options and price ranges for different budgets and needs. A Yakima bike rack is widely known for its outstanding quality, and the same can also be said for a Thule bike rack. With a reputation for versatility and lightweight options, a Kuat bike rack doesn’t skimp on quality and makes a fine hitch-mounted bike carrier as well. As a hitch carrier these racks are easy and fast to install, while also offering features such as locks and anti sway cradles. Hauling bikes is simple with any of these bike racks, making them perfect for an active lifestyle on the go.


Yakima Bike Racks

thule-t2_1Thule Bike Racks


Kuat Bike Racks

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Motorcycle Carrier Lift

Maybe it’s a different kind of bike that you want to take with you. One with a motorHydralift and a bit more power than simple pedals can produce. Torklift Central has you covered there as well with a motorcycle carrier from Hydralift. This motorcycle carrier allows you the ability of hauling a motorcycle without disrupting access to the hitch receiver to tow a trailer or four wheeled motor vehicle behind your motorhome. This hydraulic lift is perfect for motorhome owners who may be limited in options on towing and what they can bring. On Rv.net, a questions was asked about the Hydralift and the responses were glowing.

“Well, after our maiden voyage with the Hydralift, WE ARE SOLD! Fantastic! Didn't even know it was there. The bike rode great, the lift works perfectly. Easy to load and unload. A super quality item that is worth every penny.”
- William B.

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All of our cargo carriers and rack accessories are designed to maximize hauling capacity while being safely secured to the vehicle you are driving. Get Out And Go with everything you need. To explore all of the options we provide for hauling extras <click here> or contact us today:


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