Look at that mustached genius Nikola Tesla


Nikola Tesla was a genius inventor and engineer in the electrical field back in the late 1800’s. His name was solidified in history with his work on AC current and the Tesla Coil. However recently, when you hear the word ‘Tesla” it is not in regards to the man. It is referring to the brand of electric luxury cars – Tesla Motors, of which Nikola is the namesake. With three lines available now including the Roadster, Model S and Model X, and a fourth, the Model 3, is tentatively being released next year. This electric vehicle brand is the ultimate in class and design while guaranteeing power and safety. These are also the qualities valued by Torklift Central and the EcoHitch brand.



Adventure Seekers can enjoy luxury too
As the first highway-capable all-electric vehicle produced for the masses, the Tesla Roadster makes a statement with it’s sporty vibes and sleek design. Now with a hidden trailer hitch for the Roadster, this luxury vehicle can also be practical for the adventure seeking individual. Ideal for hauling bikes, the hidden hitch for Tesla Roadster fits models 2008 and 2010-2011 with absolutely no drilling required. With a weight rating of 200 pounds tongue weight and 2000 pounds max towing, attach a cargo tray or bike rack to expand the utility of this stylish vehicle.


EcoHitch for Tesla Roadster

Model S = Model Success
EcoHitch has designed the perfect hidden trailer hitch for the Model S, including 2012 model years all the way up to 2016. By producing this aftermarket trailer hitch, Model S owners can have the same conveniences of any other vehicle. With a weight rating of 200 pounds tongue weight and 2000 pounds max towing, this trailer hitch is perfect for installing a bike rack with a couple bikes and hitting the great outdoors.


We've made the perfect hitch to complement the Model S

The Tesla Model S EcoHitch Stealth installation and no-drill, bolt on application ensures the integrity of this classy vehicle is maintained by avoiding unnecessary drilling. The design of this concealed hitch for Tesla Model S also assures there is no bulky and unsightly hitch hanging down distracting from the beauty and sleek lines that have been designed into this car and preserves its aerodynamics. There are no visible parts after installing a hitch on Tesla Model S, and with a “Stealth” removable receiver, everything is completely hidden while not in use. When you don’t need the hitch for the Model S EcoHitch, you can detach the receiver, thus hiding the hitch and making it completely undetectable.

This hidden hitch for Model S is the only one of its kind on the market. It has been wildly popular with Tesla Model S owners who are looking for a way to conveniently and easily haul light loads. On the Tesla Motors forum, one forum user “halginz” asked about bike racks for his Tesla. Multiple forum users had nothing but praise for this trailer hitch for Tesla Model S.

“You can't see the hitch at all on the EcoHitch when not in use. All high quality” – Tstolz

“I have the eco-hitch and it works very well”- Muddy wa us

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At Torklift Central you’ll find more glowing reviews for the Tesla hitch and the quality you can expect from any EcoHitch we manufacture. Part of this quality includes the strict adherence and testing to meet SAE J684 towing and safety standards. High impact powder coat on each hitch provides superior protection, is lightweight and made with recycled aerospace grade aluminum, stainless steel or steel.


The Undercover protects the areas beneath your car when the receiver isn't in use

Undercover for Model S
Also available is the Tesla Undercover, a specially designed cover for the EcoHitch Stealth. This cover slides into the receiver’s place and stays put by powerful magnets. As mentioned before, the Model S hitch installation requires no drilling or welding, which means installing a hitch on Model S is possible on your own if you have some basic tools, some spare time and motivation.

Torklift Central has other accessories for your Tesla Model S as well.

•  The Law – A front license plate holder that does not require you to drill into the front nose cone (Even fits a 2017 Model S and 2016 Model X)
•  WeatherTech FloorLiners - Made to give your interior carpet complete front and rear protection
• Multiple bike racks and cargo carriers - Once you get your EcoHitch installed of course

Armed with all the Tesla accessories you need, what’s holding you back?

EcoHitch for Tesla features:

• Completely concealed design - only receiver is visible
• 100 percent bolt-on installation - no drilling required
• Engineered to meet stringent national SAE J684 towing safety standards
• Rated for 200 pounds tongue weight, 2,000 pounds towing weight
• Tesla Model S available in 2-inch or 1 ¼-inch receiver, Roadster available in 1 ¼ -inch receiver only
• Designed to complement the aerodynamic contours and underbody airflow of vehicle
• Manufactured with high impact powder coat
• Material can include a qualified combination of aerospace grade aluminum, stainless steel or steel*
• Eco-friendly, made with recycled materials
• Lightweight
• Free shipping to lower 48 states
• Made in U.S.A
• Lifetime Warranty

*Depending on the application, the product can include a combination of up to three qualified materials

Get Out and Go with Torklift Central’s Tesla Model S or Tesla Roadster EcoHitches.

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