Don't let your trailer wiring turn into a mess like this!

While towing a trailer, safety should be first and foremost. Tire pressure, trailer brakes and trailer lights are all critical to ensuring you, your family and your cargo arrive in one piece. Trailer lighting, turn signals and brake lights inform other drivers of your intentions and if the trailer hitch wiring isn’t working, this compromises your safety.

If one or more of your lights aren’t working, you may just have a blown bulb, or you could have a problem with the trailer wiring harness on the tow vehicle or on the trailer.


There are a few at home DIY ways that you can check to see if your hitch wiring harness is working or needs repair, which you can find here, but ultimately we suggest taking your trailer or towing vehicle to an expert for fixing trailer wire issues if you aren’t sure. At Torklift Central, we offer a free trailer safety inspection to see any issues you could be having as well as services for installing trailer wiring.


The Eclipse Bargeman installed

Prevent trailer wiring failure in the future
Instead of having to deal with the hassle of low hanging wires or replacing them due to getting worn out by dragging on the road, you can save your vehicle wiring harness by installing The Eclipse mounting bracket. It magnetically attaches to your hitch and brings your wires away from the ground giving you the clearance you have always deserved. As an added bonus, The Eclipse can also connect and disconnect in seconds.



The Eclipse 4-Flat installed

We have created just what you need for hiding trailer wires and for preventing the need for future trailer wiring repair. The Eclipse 4 way and the Eclipse Bargeman mounting brackets that work with any trailer hitch. With these trailer wire harness brackets you will have the ability to hide trailer connection wiring since both of The Eclipse models offer you a way to prevent common unsightly plug brackets on your towing harness. For those of you who also want to run your wiring through your truck, this is a great item for you since it will help you with hidden hitch wiring, is magnetic and connects and disconnects in seconds. Learn the difference between the standard Eclipse bracket and the Eclipse Bargeman mounting bracket below.


The Eclipse Bargeman

Eclipse Bargeman Mounting Bracket
The Eclipse bargeman mounting bracket is a special towing harness bracket that fits multiple plugs including the 6 way Cole plug, Truckberg plug and Bargeman plugs. Not sure what kind you have? Just stop by Torklift Central and we can show you, or simply send us a photo of your plug. The Eclipse Bargeman mounting bracket is great for concealing trailer wires and is invisible when not in use.



The Eclipse 4-Flat

Eclipse 4-Flat Mounting Bracket

The Eclipse 4-Flat is the first kind that we made. The Eclipse 4-flat mounting bracket is also a great hitch wiring harness choice if you don’t have as many wires or just have the basic wiring setup of right and left turns, ground and brake lights.



Features of The Eclipse include:

• Concealed design eclipses common unsightly plug brackets
• Magnetically attached wire harness plug bracket
• Special rare earth magnets with 23 lb force
• Prevents wire harness from damage
• Connects and disconnects in seconds
• Works with any trailer hitch
• Invisible when not in use
• High impact powder coated aerospace aluminum
• Made in the USA
• Lifetime Warranty

Don’t get eclipsed by your trailer or trailer wiring problems. Get Out and Go with The Eclipse 4-Flat and Eclipse Bargeman trailer wire mounting bracket for concealing trailer wires.
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