Torklift Central has another sale going on! And this time it’s on our legendary patented FastGuns and tie downs! Buy two sets Torklift tie downs and get 5 Percent off! Or buy two sets of Torklift FastGun Turnbuckles or just regular turnbuckles and get 10 Percent off! So pick your sale, you can only have one!

Torklift's Gloss Black Power coat

Original FastGun Features:

  • 1 selling patented quick disconnect turnbuckle in the world
  • Connects and disconnects in seconds - Quick release handle allows for easy tool-free adjustment
  • Spring-loaded design ensures a safe ride for your family and your truck camper
  • Tension indicators determine perfect tension to hold down truck camper while in use
  • Precision made from high impact powder-coated stainless steel
  • Available for frame-mounted or bed-mounted tie downs
  • Lockable to secure your truck camper (locks sold separately)
  • Legendary Lifetime Warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA

Torklift FastGun turnbuckle is the No. 1 selling quick-disconnect turnbuckle. This stainless-steel turnbuckle comes in sets of two and are spring-loaded with spring tension indicators.

Long range FastGuns are made for frame-mounted tie downs with a reach of 25” to 43”.
Short range FastGun .45 are made for bed mounted tie downs with a reach of 14 ½” to 21 ½”. Legendary Lifetime Warranty and proudly made in the USA.

Torklift Steel Frame-Mounted tie downs 5% off when two sets are bought!

Torklift’s patented designed tie downs incorporate four tie down points that bolt directly to the truck’s frame. A system that bolts directly to the truck frame dramatically improves stability and handling. The tie downs are engineered to secure your truck camper to your truck with a tight fit and no loss of ground clearance.


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Happijac Brand X Frame Mount

1. Manufacturer's Warranty » More Info

LIFETIME 1 Year Parts

1 Year Parts

2. Tie Down Warranty Covers Truck Frame And Camper Anchors**  » More Info

3. No-Drill On Ford, Dodge, And Chevrolet Applications   » More Info YES NO


4. Improved Truck/Camper Handling And Road Control While Controlling Camper Movement, By Tying The Camper To The Truck's "Foundation", The Main Frame   » More Info

5. Tie Down System Virtually Undetectable When Not In Use » More Info YES NO


6. Utilizes Hardened Bolts That Run Though Truck's Main Frame   » More Info



7. Number Of Bolts Attaching To The Main Frame UP TO 12   » More Info



8. Interference With Stabilizer Bar Tears Rubber Bumpers Damaging The Camper   » More Info



9. Installation Of Tie Down Equipment Damages Truck Bed And Bumper    » More Info

10. Uses J-Bolts / U-Bolts Which Stretch And Loosen (In Most Popular Applications)    » More Info NO -


11. Tie Down Insert Is Adjustable, Providing Optimal Turnbuckle Tie Down Angle   » More Info


12. Tie Down System Requires Tools For Normal Use    » More Info


13. Applications For Trucks With Full Length Bed Running Boards   » More Info



Difference between the Steel and Talon tie downs?

The difference between steel tie downs and Talon tie downs are that the Talons are made from military grade aluminum and stainless steel. This tie down composition provides several added benefits to the truck camper tie down system:

  1. Rust-free and corrosion resistant -- Talon camper tie downs come with an additional warranty of corrosion protection for life. If for any reason the original owner experiences corrosion on their Talon tie downs, Torklift will re-powder coat the Talons for free with freight prepaid. Call for details.
  2. Lightweight -- With payload and weight capacities a sensitive factor when it comes to truck camping, a lighter tie down system helps to alleviate unnecessary weight.
  3. Strength -- All precision-crafted Talon aluminum and stainless-steel tie downs do not require drilling to install and are always equal in strength or stronger than traditional steel tie downs.

And don’t forget your tie down locks or your FastGun Locks, you wouldn’t want these bad boys stolen! Each set of locks come in sets of four to make it easier on you! So take advantage of one of these two sales that Torklift has going on right now and get huge savings!


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Written by: Mariah Kilmer